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Race Day: Silver Man (Uttoxeter)

Of all the things you might have missed during the lockdown I can confirm that evening summer jumps meetings should have been one of them. Uttoxeter rewarded a small group of expectant onlookers with an open bar and stunning views of the Staffordshire countryside basking in a Saturday sunset.

Our 13 year old SILVER MAN will have seen plenty of sunsets in his racing career, he continues to show an appetite for racing at home and as a race day plays out. He provides both owner and trainer with an interesting conundrum for a horse that needs a true test of stamina but who enjoys summer ground. He was giving a few pounds to many of his rivals here, even more in horse years, but as usual he was at his happiest bounding along in touch at the head of proceedings for the first two miles.

The race comments section of your chosen racing paper will say Silver Man lost touch 4 out and finished tailed off but truth is he never stops running and ran through the line at the same pace he was travelling a mile out. Jockey Tabitha Worsley echoed as much in her post-race thoughts, a sound round of jumping but couldn't go the pace of less-exposed rivals at the business end of 3 miles.

Silver Man has come back his usual exuberant self, turns out watching horses continue to love their work is even better than racecourse sunsets.


  • Storm Arcadio has an entry for Market Rasen on Sunday 16th

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