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Yard Update: Schooling Fences

Central Heating going on? Wearing a coat to the shops? There's plenty of signs that summer is coming to an end, take a walk down the gallops this morning and you'll see how this racing yard welcomes in the Autumn.

Our latest jumping lane is already being used. A useful exercise this for horses sharpening up their jumping, there's plenty to take their eye but they're forced to maintain focus and, as you can see, there's no escape so they have to stay sharp. In the summer months we move some of the obstacles to the all weather gallop for exactly the same reason.

Horses, just like us, appreciate diversion from routine, adding some jumping lane work keeps them enthusiastic about their work.

Our schooling fences are springing up as well. We get horses working up the hill which builds stamina and an appetite for jumping larger fences. Almost all the National Hunt string will be doing weekly work over the schooling fences, again it keeps their minds fresh and is a vital component of getting them racecourse ready.

Popping up the hurdles is the last piece of the changing yard landscape and then all we need is a bit more rain to soften up the ground and the work of getting horses ready to race can really begin.

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