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Next Chapter: Laura Horsfall Racing

"If you believe it will work out you will see opportunities, if you don't, all you'll see is barriers"

Luck or astute planning? I'm not sure but obtaining my National Hunt trainer's licence right before lockdown certainly helped the yard avoid much of the disappointment of the pointing season coming to premature close. Six seasons, 12 winners, a smattering of bad days but by and large a great run with some great memories. Follow the Paint's Hunter Chase win at Fontwell last season the perfect bookend to a chapter that started with training my first winner from my first runner half a dozen years ago. Since I attended my first point to point it was always a dream to be part of the sport and I'm proud of the journey, it's not over of course but this new chapter has me looking forward.

New name (out with the LJH in with the Laura Horsfall Racing), new sign, new website, new social media, new Racing Club. I'm not sure if it was just the lockdown that made work for idle hands but it feels as much like a relaunch instead of a simply a new role. The names might change but the horses don't and with that comes a calming sense of legacy. The horses have always been my top priority, this is a yard they should enjoy, we challenge them, enthuse them, appeal to their sense of adventure and competitiveness and above all make sure they are happy. The same is true of owners, I know full well that the choice of trainer has never been bigger, we'll continue to keep focused on our values, keeping horses and owners happy.

"I learned the value of hard work by working hard"

I didn't come from a racing family, I haven't got a famous name to follow in the footsteps of, what I have got is a passion for working hard, putting smiles on people's faces and sharing this great sport with as many people as possible. If you're a seasoned race goer, never set foot in a racing yard or stumbled here by mistake you're guaranteed a warm welcome by the team.

New Skills

Work continues at the yard as we head into the Summer, one of the things we do well is updates, you can check out our Spring Update over on our YouTube channel.

We also have an in-house racing club full of like-minded newbies, enthusiasts and lovely people. Take a look on our Get Involved page to find out more.

We also have some really nice horses to go to action with this season who can't wait to get out and race. We'll be finding the right opportunities for them and making sure they are ready to give a great account each race day. I can barely keep off the racing calendar these days trying to find the right race, it's an addictive and enjoyable part of my new role.

I'll also be updating this blog when I can with news from the gallops, yard and race days and sharing some of the experiences from my first season under rules. Our social media streams are always full of videos, pictures and opinions, come and say hello if you can.

Stay safe


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2 kommentarer

Kim Smith-Bingham
Kim Smith-Bingham
29 juni 2020

This is just the first chapter in the exciting times ahead. Laura Horsfall Racing will be a name to watch in the years ahead. I have worked in the racing industry for many years (as did my Dad) and spend much of my working life in racing yards; this one is well run and has a great atmosphere with happy horses..... exactly like the top yards in the UK and Ireland.


Gavin Horsfall
Gavin Horsfall
27 juni 2020

Exciting times indeed, good luck for the season.

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