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National Racehorse Week

All systems go at Glebe Barn Stables as the string start to build up their work ahead of another busy Autumn / Winter campaign.

Our second annual National Racehorse Week began with a visit from Tom and the team from BBC Radio, the media spotlight on not just the events and activities of the week but also a time to reflect on the passing of The Queen and talk of her love of horses.

There's arguably nothing more nerve-wracking for our esteemed boss than having a microphone put in front of her, especially live radio, but the entire team did the reputation of our operation proud. Thanks to Tom and the BBC listeners for hearing our story.

National Racehorse Week is primarily aimed at getting as many people into racing yards that wouldn't normally but the benefits for yards themselves shouldn't be underestimated. I kid you not, the team absolutely love talking about what they do and it was great to talk to some new friends on our Friday morning slot.

Some of our guests had visited other yards during the week and it was good to hear that the access we provided was one of the best they'd experienced. We pride ourselves on our informality for events like this so encourage everyone to pat the horses, take a selfie and ask anyone anything about life here.

Our farrier Liam did another excellent showcase on life shoeing horses while Laura spoke about the string and their plans going forward. As the morning mist started to lift the stable was chock full of people, talking to horses, asking questions and enjoying their coffee and cake. It really is a wonderful event and we look forward to welcoming some of our new-found friends to the yard this season.

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